Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm addicted! Totally addicted!

So we have totally become addicted to several fun things over the past few weeks!  Really, Easton has been addicted to this first part of the post since vacation!  Yes!  We are now lovers of playing putt-putt golf!  Easton is talking more and more every day, but even when he didn't say much, he managed to say "putt-putt" as clear as day!  We didn't go much at first, but then we realized that it is a great way to entertain the boys for a mere $5.  
 We met up with cousin Houston last week and once again had a blast.

                                  Aunt Julie and little Brooks were great spectators!  If you ask me, I think Brooks had the best seat in the house!


 Words cannot express just how much we are all loving our camping wkends!  We just love spending the time really enjoying one another without the distractions of electronics and such.  The boys explore and really get a chance to be boys!  We took out my parents canoe this time.  It was such a hit! 
 There is something about being "with nature" that really makes us feel connected with God, too!  Just another reason to enjoy the experience!  It is just so neat to look around and see all of the beauty he has created!  The water, the sunsets, my 3 wonderful boys...WE ARE SO BLESSED!!!! 
 Our friends from church joined us this time.  I think this is so cute!  This was a picture taken at our actual campsite!  It was right on the water.  It was so cool to see Parker and Miley-Kate just relaxing and talking.

And yes!  Brooks loves it, too!  We bundle him up
and snuggle with him by the camp fire!  I know he
is going to be a nature lover, too!

 Here is Miley roasting...something.  I can't remember what though.
 Little Park Park!
 Old man Park Park.  He isn't mad here or anything.  Just sitting and enjoying the fire, looking like an old man!
 All the kiddos waiting for a canoe ride!

 Declan was in love with throwing rocks in the water!  Kristen and Mike spent some time drying his shoes by the fire!  He couldn't resist getting in.  Luckily, the water was still very warm!  We probably could have gone swimming!

Don't ask me why, but I have started to crochet.  I haven't done this in YEARS, but wanted to try to make a hat for our photographer friend to use with his kid pictures.   Needless to say, I am addicted to this now, too! I have spent several nights crocheting away!  That is...when everyone allows it.  (including Steven)
Here are some things I have done.

This is Brooks' Caterpillar costume.
And finally...I am totally addicted to my new little guy!  I can't quit holding him!  He is just too precious and sweet!  There are times when I think about updating the blog or something, but decide not to.  I don't wanna miss a thing! Here are some random pictures of my cutie!


 See...I told you he was cute!
So...I am officially addicted to Putt-Putt, camping, crocheting, and baby Brooks! blog posts might be sparse for a while.  But don't worry!  The fun is still happening and I'll catch you all up as I can pull myself away from the things above!
PS.  I am still addicted to Parker, Easton, and even ole Steven!  I've got a lot of great things and ones to love! 

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