Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our First Camping Trip With Kids!

So...I getting a little tired of doing the same old thing!  I enjoy a good trip to the park, zoo, or walking trail, but it seems like it is all we do. I wake up each day and feel like we only have a few things to choose from.  If we don't do one of those same old things, we just end up feeling cooped up and bored.  So...Saturday, even though it was spur of the moment, we decided to enjoy the weather and go camping!  Even with 4 wk old little Brooks!  We headed to Walmart for some camping essentials and headed to Bledsoe Creek.  We were all pleasantly surprised at how nice a campground only 20 minutes from our house could be! 
 They had a pretty good playground area, too!  They boys really enjoyed this.  They even made a few friends!
 We of course had to roast hot dogs and marshmallows! 
 Now this required teamwork!  Steven roasted and I did the fix-ins!  The wind was very mild, which really helped with the baby!  I was worried that the smoke would be blowing at him, and that we would spend most of the night playing musical chairs.  Thankfully though, it wasn't even an issue!

 Can you spot what the boys found?
 It's a stick bug!
 The boys loved looking for bugs! 
 Little Brooks snuggled up in his swaddle-me!  I think he was the warmest one!

 We went on a small hike and saw several deer!  They got so close!

 Look how bald my little babe is!  He looks funny here, but definitely enjoyed looking around!  And...I am talking about Brooks, not Steven!

 The boys loved collecting "coconuts" as Parker kept calling them! They were really hickory nuts!  They filled their pockets full!

 Parker counted the hickory nuts...31 total!  How did 31 fit in their pockets?  And Parker probably took 31 pictures of them!
We had such a wonderful time!  It was so great to do something new and just spend time away from the TV!  We can't wait to go again!  And...we have since looked at a few campers!  But...the price is too high!  Oh well!  I guess we will be tent camping until I can win the lottery!

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