Friday, September 7, 2012


Both of my boys are just Smitten!  They totally love their new baby brother!  I cannot believe how easily they have adapted to our new addition!  I shouldn't be too surprised though!  Both boys loved hugging and kissing my belly!  Especially as the pregnancy was nearing the end, and it was obvious to them that there really was a baby in there!  Here is a picture of Parker kissing my belly!
Once little Brooks arrived, Parker couldn't keep his hands off of him!  He had to be at the hospital as much as he could, and would get pretty depressed if it wasn't his turn to hold him!
 I have complained before, but I don't know why some of my pictures turn sideways.  They aren't sideways on my computer...only when I upload them to the blog!  UGGGHHH!  Doesn't he look happy though?  Even though he is sideways!
And this little in love, too!  He doesn't really pay as much attention to Brooks as Parker does, but that is only because he is too involved in his own little world.  But, my busy bee will stop his playing to run over and kiss the little Brookster on his head several times throughout the day!
I wish you could see how really very happy Parker is here!  He is such a big help, too!  He willingly holds him so that I can take a minute to clean the bonus room, put on some makeup, or get dressed.  Always within my view of course, but having an extra set of holding hands helps when you have a little babe that loves to be held!  And...both boys love to help put in the paci!  Another bonus! 

I just love my boys!

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