Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some Fun Times!

 We have been up to lots of fun the last few weeks!  Brooks enjoyed some time visiting his cousins in his adorable Christmas suspenders!
 I mean, can he get any cuter?  Steven says he looks like he is ready to go chop down a tree!   I think I agree!
 Brooks also has had some fun in his swing!  He loves that thing!  Great investment if I do say so myself!
We had fun taking silly pictures!
 And for your enjoyment...another cute suspenders picture!

 And Parker and Easton thought it would be fun to give/get a haircut!  I can't believe that Parker took away Easton's adorable long locks and chopped them into craziness!
See all the chunks missing?
 But...all is well!  His new do turned out pretty well!
 We spent Thanksgiving in Michigan!  Had a blast!  And yes!  That is Gaga on the table.  Hard to believe that she used to look like this... started to snow right before we left Michigan!  Too bad we didn't get the chance to sled or ski!  Oh well!  Maybe next time!
 Now Mom!  This is a picture you can use as your profile picture!
Brooks has also started eating a little baby food!  He really is enjoying it all too!

 Now I don't think that this would be considered fun, but it is at least funny!  Parker tried to buckle Easton in his seat.  Looks more like a straight jacket to me!
 And yes...another cute picture of the Brookster!
So...these were just some pictures that were already uploaded to blogger.  Thought that I would at least share them!  We are all currently down with sinus infections.  Brooks even has RSV.  He is improving (I think), but it is touch and go.  I really thought that he would end up being hospitalized, but today has given me hope that he is on the mend.  We go to the doctor tomorrow to find out if he is in the clear.  I have also started working full time at Hendersonville Medical Center!  Orientation and the Holidays have both kept me super busy!  Especially since I have been fevered most of the time!  Anyways...I am hoping to get back into the blogging routine one of these days soon!  I will at least post some pictures of all of our Holiday gatherings and Christmas soon!  I am truly hoping that the new year brings "routine".  I could seriously use some monotony around here! 

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