Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Random thoughts!

1-First of all...let me say that A few yrs ago, I would have thought that it would be impossible for one family to have this much laundry in just 3 days!  Can we say...REDICULOUS!!!

2-We were heading to our favorite restaurant last week.  I was outside buckling up the baby and waiting for the other three to join me in the car.  Easton walks out of the house just like this.  Snow boots and his shirt inside out! Oh and his shorts were on right, but his undies were later to be found on backwards resembling very close to a thong!  I'm telling you, he is one crazy kid!

3-Last week I volunteered with some other moms at Parker's school for Johnny Appleseed Day.  The kiddos did all kinds of apple related stations including making apple turnovers.  

It was a fun day meeting all of Parker's classmates!  They were all super sweet! I have been assigned as the "Room Mom" this year, so I am going to be spending a good bit of time with all of them.  I am excited to help even though I know it will be a lot of work.

4-I sent out lots of samples this past weekend for my new Skincare consultant venture with Rodan and Fields!  I so hope that people love them as much as I do!  I am in love with these products, and also would love to be successful as well!  The thought of having a little extra running money is great, too!

5-I have been doing the regimens every morning and night.  The first night honestly was such a treat.  The kids were was like 9:15...and I decide to pamper myself with a hot bath...all to myself!  No kids there to beg me to get in!  I shaved my legs, did my mask and the rest of the regimen.  I even painted my nails after I was done!  It was so relaxing.  Normal I feel like washing my face is a hassle, but it feels nice "working on me" and giving myself some tlc.

And I do think it is paying off.  I think my skin looks refreshed already!  And it hasn't even been two weeks!
6-Anyways...enough about Skincare.  Aren't these green eyes so very green and pretty!  I was taking this picture at Parker's request.  He wanted to see his scar on his eyebrow.  I was thumbing through my pics the other day, and realized how green they looked.  And upon further investigation of my wasn't just the green shirt.  They were this way in all of the pics!

7-And lastly...we did get to take Parker to the donut shop!  He loved it!  But not as much as I did!  Or better yet.. Not as much as Brooks!  He ate 6 donut holes and some of mine!

So there it is...some random thoughts.  Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Big boo boo

So...I'm at work on Sunday when I decide to check my phone for any emails or missed calls/texts.  When what to my wondering eyes do I see?  But a picture of Parker on a stretcher.   I always have my phone in my pocket, but I obviously have to keep it on silent when I'm working.  I missed Stevens 3 calls in a row while I was tending to a patient.  Needless to say, that picture made my heart skip a beat.  Not a fun sight to see! Especially knowing that I had to stay at work nursing other patients when the only one I really wanted to tend to was my sweet stitched up Park Park!  

So the story goes, Parker was running into the little metal green house at my parents house.  His front leg was already in, but as he was bringing in the back leg, he tripped and fell on a metal ledge.  

Steven said that Parker was crying, like a blood curdling scream.  He found him with this lovely gash.  

When Parker retold the story to me once I got home from work, his words were, "all I saw was meat and blood".  Then he asked, "why did God make us out of meat?".
Steven said that he was soooo brave at the hospital.  Didn't cry at all!  He even wanted to watch the Dr. Stitch him up!  Maybe he will be a nurse like his momma one day!

He was so happy that I let him skip school the next day.  I was worried that he would be to rough at recess and have a good chance of opening it back up again.  He was even happier though to retell the story to all of his teachers and friends at school today.  He barely made it out of the car when I hear him telling his librarian all about it.

He is now on the mend...getting sponge baths, and treats from both sets of grandparents...(Thanks again guys!). The stitches should be out in 7-10 days from Sunday.   Pray that the stitches don't adhere too much to the skin as it heals.  I will be the one to take them out when ready.  Luckily there are only four stitches.  The rest is dermabond and steri-strips!  I'll keep you posted! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

So I was going to blog about our recent trip to Florida, but I ran into a technical difficulty.  So, I guess I will blog about a few random things.  I think it was last week when I had lunch with Parker at school.  It was so neat seeing him in school action mode.  He didn't see me at first and I was able to spy on his behavior.  He walked through the hall just as he was told, with one hand over his lips, and one hand on his hip.  The teacher calls it "hips and lips".  It looks very silly, but it keeps the kids in line I guess.  Anyways...Parker was doing it well, and I was proud.  He was also so polite to the cafeteria worker, and proudly said "Steven Parker Ellis" as he checked out his food.  He proudly announced that he would be buying his momma's lunch today.  So we grabbed our trays filled with spaghetti, mac and cheese, green beans, and orange wedges, and headed to our designated spot.  The baby was with us, too, but he was asleep for most of the time.  We had such a great time.  Doesn't he look so happy here! 
I was able to meet all of the other kids in his class.  Parker was sad though that his best friend "Ellie" was out sick that day with strep throat. 
 When the time came for me to leave, Parker sweetly said, " I miss you already!".  It was a fun lunch!  Easton would have loved it!  He was at MDO that day.
 Parker has been doing really well with the behavior chart at school.  They call it clipping up.  He came home on the top color clip last Friday.  A friend had asked if we could join her and her daughter at the skating rink.  I thought that would be a great way to show Parker just how proud we are of him for doing so well.  He has been on pink five times so far!  That makes me very proud because I was so worried last year that he would be the crazy kid that wouldn't listen. 
  Brooks stayed home with Steven.  I had told the boys that I had to take them with me to help me pick out a pretty dress for myself.  They were surprisingly willing to go dress shopping, but were thrilled when they found out the truth.  We skated for a good while and then finished the night up with Sonic.
 It was so nice spending time with Amy.  I feel like we haven't gotten to spend nearly enough time together lately, and it was so nice to catch up. 
 The kiddos enjoyed seeing Rylee, too.  They all did really good skating, too!  We even took the boys again the next night so that Steven could have a chance to see how well they did.  Plus admission was only $1 that night for repeat customers.  Parker even conned his Uncle Jon and Aunt Julie into joining us with Jacob and Nathan.  Parker decided to roller blade this time.  He was a million times better on the roller blades, which I totally get.  I tried to regular skate and could barely stand.  I for whatever reason feel so much more balanced on roller blades.  Although, I honestly am good at neither!  It was fun none the less though!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easton has been asking for a donut for the last two days.  I promised him a trip to the donut shop first wkday off in a while.  We dropped of Parker and headed to Shipley's.  I think I am going to make this a once a week ritual because It was so good! AND... They had the BEST coconut donut I have ever had in MY LIFE!!!  Oh crap...I realize that I am making this post right after my "healthy new me post". (Well, I guess you know how that's going). Anyways...back to the unhealthy donut story...I felt very blessed as I sat there in that shop.  I looked around and saw an old man sitting at one of the tables.  He was drinking there coffee and honestly, admiring my kiddos.  I wondered what exactly he was thinking.  I felt like he was telling me to slow down and do fun things like this more often.  Do the simple things like take my kids out for donuts on an early morning.  Love on them as much as I can bc it will be gone all too soon!  I (sadly) thought about why he was alone.  Did his wife already pass?  His kids were obviously grown.  Did he look at us in sorrow that the stage of parenting his young ones is over for him, or in just remembrance of his fond parenting moments.  I mostly think oldies just think kiddos are funny and sweet.   Regardless of why he was going solo for breakfast, and even if he was sad or happy about it, I in that moment was reminded how blessed I really am.  I have three innocent little boys who love me with all of their hearts and enjoy eating donuts with their momma!  I pray that I raise them right...the way God has entrusted me to do and wants me to!  I hope to raise them with character and a Christian heart that will make God proud.  And hopefully one day, the little old man  I saw today will think I did a good job too!
Look at this crazy kid!  He looks so goofy with his hair unbrushed hair and goofy grin!  This boy loves him some food!  


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today, I win!

Today is the day that I have won the ongoing battle I have had with my car!  If you know me, you know that keeping a clean car does not come easy to me!  But it especially does not come easy for my kids!  I think kids secretly carry dirt magnets in their pockets and purposely try to destroy anything nice.  Especially when it comes to carpet. 
Anyways... My car and house were both in need of a major carpet cleaning.  Luckily we have good carpet that camouflages all the mess.  Anyways...I had several black spots all over my car...even on the ceiling!  But today I paid an extra $35 and had my carpet guy clean out the carpets and the ceiling in my van, along with the routine cleaning for the carpets in the house.  I had know idea just how messy kids could be till I had my own.  I mean, Who actually has to hire someone to clean their car ceiling?  Me!!!  Someone who has 3 rowdy boys!  One of whom is currently trying to balance on my chair and bed, one leg on each, while trying to sneak a drink of my diet Pepsi!  No wonder he spills something 100 xs a day!  He is crazy, clumsy, and the goofiest kid I know!  I think I'm gonna make him a tool belt that is full of paper towels, a hand held vacuum, and a can of spot shot!  It would be easier that way!  Anyways...long story short, my car looks like new again!  And even though it will most likely only last a moment, today I am on the winning side of this war!  Until this guy attacks again!  Haha!

Gotta love him!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I have got to be healthy!  I don't know what has gotten into me, but I have NO control over my eating and appetite!  I know that I am not considered overweight, but trust me, I am getting closer every day!  The problem is, I don't know how to get a hold of it!  I have seriously tried every motivational strategy that I can think of, but it usually fails by lunch time!  I can't help but think that I DESERVE to eat what I want.  I am a mom of three rowdy boys, work full time as a nurse to many unappreciative patients, I don't drink, I don't smoke, etc.  Food is my vice, my comfort,my treat, my social fun, and my anti-boredom recipe.  I have no clue how to remedy my addiction for food. 
Steven and I have recently started doing the T25 workout videos from the makers of P90x.  We love them and it really is a GREAT workout!  It is only 25 minutes long, and has been relatively easy to squeeze in the time to get it done.  I know though, that the videos are not enough, and that I must diet along with them.  Anyways...I really think that the only thing that is going to be strong enough to break my non-dieting cycle is support.  So, please encourage me to do well, and pray that God gives me the strength to get back into gear.  I am slowly creeping up on the scale, and don't want to wake up one day and have 50 pounds to lose.  I want to be healthy for myself, kids, and husband.  Pray that I make it all day eating well!  And if you think about it tomorrow, pray that I do well then, too!  Thanks bunches!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Before the schedule...

Before the school and schedules began, the boys and I tried to wrap up the "summer" with some outdoor water fun!  We played at the fountains for the first time all summer.  I don't know why we didn't do this more this year because it was fun for all three!  Even the Brookster got to join in on the fun here.

We also spent the weekend at my mom's trying to soak up the sun.  It was nice that it wasn't a sauna out, but it was a little on the chilly side.  What happened between last year and this summer?  Last year it was sweltering hot!  Like 105 degree weather hot!  But the summer that I am not pregnant is so mild!  I mean when have we ever had 78 degree weather in August?  Anyways...we still enjoyed our swim time!  It will be gone all too soon!

Nothing like warming up on the concrete and eating Doritos!!!

I am hoping to squeeze in one more swim date before Labor Day hits and the pools close down!  We may even attempt to hit up Beech Bend Park again this weekend!  Who knows!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Boys Have A New Room!

I promised a light hearted post and you guys are gonna get one!  Having three boys under 5 means a few things!  #1- walls get beat up almost as much as the kiddos too!  No...I don't beat them, they beat each other!  If they aren't taking a play sword to one of their brothers then they are taking it to the walls.   #2-things get messy and unorganized...super quickly, too!  Having 3 boys under 5 means several other things too, but none else that I can think of at the moment pertain to this redecorating post!  Anyways...after 4 yrs with the same theme and paint scheme, we decided to redo their room.  Boy what a fresh coat of paint can do!  I feel like it looks so much better, cleaner, and organized.  First of all, we took out all of their toys and put them in the bonus room.  I figured that there is no reason to have toys drug out in every room.  Keep them in one place and the mess stays in one place!  Brooks nursery has a beachy theme and I kinda wanted to continue that throughout the upstairs.  Beachy feels so calming!  So we tried to do a cool kid summer theme while being cheap! are some pictures of the finished project.

The boys have loved having a desk!  It gives them a place to color and play Legos away from the baby, but still be close to us adults.  They get scared to be downstairs alone for too long.

Steven and I made these headboards from pallets.  He made them and I painted them.  Turned out pretty cool for free, huh?

We added the letters today.  I think it finishes them off nicely!

Sunglasses fit the beach theme, right?  I figured they at least are summery feeling and you go to the beach in the summer so they must work.  Plus...the comforters were only 20 bucks!  Score!  I'll take two!

Steven and I have has so much trouble with shelving not staying completely flush with the wall.  So we decided that he would make our new school boys a shelf with hooks for their backpacks!  He again did the making and I did the painting.  An just to add a little Parker flair, we put the skateboard on top of the shelf.  

So...there it is!  Our oldest boy's summer/beachy/cool skater kid room!

Hope you like it!  We do!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Easton bug!

My sweet little Easton!  You aren't so little anymore are you? It seems like you are growing so fast and making me face the reality of time.  Why just this morning you learned how to buckle yourself in your new big boy booster seat as we were heading off to your first day of Mother's Day out!  That's two big boy steps before we even pulled out of the drive way! And Oh how proud you were!  I looked at you through the rear view mirror and thought about how cute you were this morning.
As soon as the sun was visible, you were up ready to go. seemed that way to me because I was tired, but it was 6:30 in all actuality. were wearing your Buzz Lightyear pj pants, no shirt (of course) and your backpack when you ever so disappointedly whined that #1-it wasn't time for school yet, and #2-that you couldn't go dressed as you (barely) were.  You sure do love to be (in your words) a "naked butt".  It was like that all morning.  Every few minutes you'd grab your stuff and head for the door.  We eventually dropped off Parker at his new school and headed a few blocks away to yours.  

Your teacher is so very sweet and you were very excited to finally be there.  This was YOUR school.  I don't think you even gave me a hug.  You were too ready!  Ready to play!  Ready to make new friends!  Ready to see what Parker was doing all that time he was "in school".   But...I am not ready in so many ways!  While I will enjoy a few moments of ease having only one child to run errands with instead of three, I will also mourn the fact that you are not quite so little anymore. aren't quite so little anymore!  
Regardless of your size or age, just know, you will always be my precious babe that spills the same drink 3 xs in a row; that sucks his thumb; that steals a sip of my coffee every morning;  gives the sweetest hugs followed by a bashful smile; my sweet kiddo that twirls my hair to fall asleep or for comfort!  These are the things that make you, YOU!  The things that make you so special!  And Easton, these are the things I will always remember no matter how big you are!  

Love you lots and lots!  Hope you had a wonderful first day! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brooks' big ONE!

My recent saying to Brooks has been, "A year ago we didn't even know you yet!"  My pregnancy with him in so many ways feels like it was years ago.  To think that last summer I was big bellied and waiting with anticipation to meet this grand little guy is almost crazy to me. know that he is no longer considered a baby seems impossible, too!  He was just born yesterday, right?  Isn't it crazy how time can seem slow and fast in regards to the same topic?  I guess what it boils down to is pregnancy feels like forever ago, but his actual birth day feels like only moments ago!  
Anyways...That saying I have said 100 times, is no longer true!  This time last year, I did know you Brooks!  I knew just how sweet your button nose was.  I knew just how sweet your little lips were to kiss.  I knew just how blessed we were to have you by our side!  God has truly blessed us with you!  It is honestly hard to imagine the days before you!  You are such a perfect addition to our family and fit in just wonderfully.  Almost to the point where it feels like I've always know you!  
This time last year we were all recuperating from a hard (and painful) day.  But...let me tell you were well worth every painful moment!  I cannot express to you just how much joy you have brought into all of our lives!  You may have left your mark on my body, but have left your mark on my heart also!  I love you more than words can say!  Happy birthday big boy! 

Today...we celebrated you and your very first birthday at the Black Eyed Pea restaurant with family!  You had a fun time eating as usual and loved being the center of attention!  We decided to go with a teddy bear theme.  Here are some cute pics of the day so far.

Since we had mostly adults, I gave these magnets out as party favors.