Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bring it on 2013!

The House Is Back To Normal!!!! 
I'll say it again. The House Is Back To Normal!!!!  And it feels SOOOOOOOOO good!  Sonia came over today and helped me get things back into shape!  I am so very thankful for her! 

   Anyways...Christmas was fun, but it is over!    So ready for this new year with new goals, new promise, and new FUN!  I feel pretty motivated, (at the moment) but I know I have been here before.  I am not quite sure exactly how to keep that motivation going!  I am thinking that maybe posting my goals here will help.  Especially since I have the worst countability friends ever!  (Yes Ashley, I mean you!)  So here they are:
#1. Keep my voice to a lower decible!I truly raise my voice too much when the kids get crazy, and all it does is add to the chaos!

#2.  Stretch.  I am the least flexible person ever!  I know that it makes my back pain worse. I have been told that stretching will help, so I am gonna give it a whirl!

#3.  Buy made specifically for me...orthotic (is that even a word?) shoes for work.

And...the ones everyone makes...
#4.  Budget.  Well, LIVE BY the budget.  I make a budget all the time, but never actually follow through with it.  Now that I am working full time, I wanna feel like it is counting for something and not just going towards another McDonald's meal.

#5.  Lose weight.  Well at least tone up a little!  I have got to at least fit back into my scrubs.  You know you have gained weight when your comfy scrub pants feel tight.

But...the most important of all...
#6.  Take in the moment.  Life is short and time flies!  I don't mind it at all, but can't believe that I am soon to be 30. That Parker is going to start Kindergarten this yr.  That Easton is potty trained, and that Brooks is almost 5 months old!  I am ready for the hustle and bustle to slow!  I'm ready to stop and smell the flowers and some freshly shampooed kid hair!  Ready to enjoy taking care of my patients at work, but come home to taking care of my family at home.  Ready to show them some love and teach them about love.  Ready for some giggles and fun!   Ready to stop caring about what everyone else thinks and to smile like this little man!
Ready to play IN the laundry (it is clean by the way) instead of stress OVER it!
Maybe I'll even try Easton's ways, and spend most of life Naked!  Hahaha!
Let the new year begin!

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  1. YOU BUSTED ME!!! Maybe I''m not the worst accountability friend, I'm just a friend full of grace... (that's what I'll keep telling myself) ha

    And is Parker clean playing in all those clean clothes? :)