Saturday, March 9, 2013

 Let me start by saying that I have taken Steven's NEW computer hostage and blogging has now become so simple!  Who knew that my 2 yr old desktop would already be outdated and the cause of my difficulty with loading my pics.'s supposed to be for his Lawn business, but a little home use won't hurt anything! 
Onto another note.  I think that Easton is going to be my music lover.  He loves playing his guitar (including his air guitar), and dances like crazy when the radio turns on.  His favorite song is Jingle Bells.  Anytime I start to sing a song, he says, "No! No! Sing Jingle Bells".  So, Jingle Bells it is!  The other day the above happened as we were taking Parker to Mother's Day Out. As I sang Jingle Bells for the millionth time, I found myself missing Christmas.  It was odd because only seconds prior I was thinking about how excited I was for Spring to finally come.  There is just something so sweet about the excitement of a child at Christmas time!   The coziness of snuggling up together as Christmas songs play and discussing what Santa is going to bring the little ones is worth missing.  That being said, I still long for Spring.  I guess that's the great thing about living in TN.  You get to experience all 4 seasons, and by the time you get sick of one it is just about over.  Even though it was snowing on Monday, it is 60 degrees today! 
It was 45 and sunny yesterday so we made it to our first park trip in the longest time.  We bundled up and hit the swings and slides.  Parker is such a great big brother!  He may give me trouble at times in other ways, but he is head over heals in love with little Brooks!  Isn't this a sweet sight to see!  Melts my heart! 
Brooks got to enjoy some swing time, too!  But he does still see most of the world from his lovely little car seat and stroller!  It won't be long though when he will be venturing out in the world walking around the park himself.  Sad face!
 Easton is attached to me.  He has been since he was born.  Very sweet kiddo, but goodness!  I can't get him to ever sit in a chair that I am not in, pee by myself, or hardly eat dinner without our chairs touching.   Lucky for me, he does sleep in his own bed at night!
And to make things even more interesting, he has started to put his hand down my shirt!  He loves, and I mean LOVES skin!  And my hair!  I think we are going to be in trouble when it comes to the ladies in about 10 yrs.  So lock up your 2 yr olds with long hair and soft skin because this boy will be crazy for them soon!
Well...that's about all for today!  We have Parker's first soccer game today!  Wish us luck!  I will let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Sleep Monster!

So our little Brooks has become a little sleep Monster!  I take that back!  He has become a BIG sleep monster!  I cannot remember the last night when I got even a halfway decent night's sleep!  He is an ANGEL during the day, but something about nightfall brings out the worst in him.  Maybe he is part ware-wolf!  Anyways...Regardless, he is still my sweet pea!  If I am honest though, I must admit that I am ready for this sleep pattern to come to an end so that I can have a sleep pattern of my own.  As of right now all I have is a wake pattern with cat naps in between! 

Today was his 6 month well-check visit.  We missed his 4 month well-check because he was so sickly with RSV.  I at first blamed his all nighters on that horrible virus, but as it got better, the sleeping got worse!  He goes to bed just fine on his own around 9pm every night.  He even wants his own space and truly gets mad almost on the dot 9:00 if you have not laid him down yet.  But sometime, around 11:30, Mr. werewolf shows and the inconsolable crying begins.  He seems like he is in such pain until he can't fight sleep any longer.  Unfortunately that doesn't happen till around 5 am.  He arches his back and screams till on many occasions he becomes hoarse.  I hate to see him like that!  We changed him to Soy formula to see if that would help...and it did!  For a little while.      :(   We were soon back to sleepless in Seattle...well...Hendersonville!

 Anyways...This is my 3rd little child plus I am a nurse.  That almost makes me an expert, right?  WRONG!  I am learning new things everyday with this little guy!  And he confuses me more than any of my other babies.   Although really the feeding and sleeping department is our main issues.  I have had trouble with my supply of breast milk as soon as I returned to work.  I started him on baby food at 4 months, but took him off at 5 months thinking it was the culprit.  I switched him to Soy.  Confused on what else to do I have given him every medicine you can think of.  Simethicone, teething tablets, colic tablets, Motrin, Tylenol, etc.

I tried everything except for this.  The Dr. said today that he thinks he has reflux and that this may be Brooks' answer!  I so hope so.  My mother-in-law had mentioned reflux at some point but I didn't think it was the cause and quickly moved to what i thought was "maybe" constipation.  The Dr. said that babies don't even have to "spit-up" to have reflux.  They can just feel the acid in their bellies and it causes pain.  Looking back at it now, he has always required a burp cloth more than my other two boys.  And there was those couple of nights when he seemed to choke every time I'd lay him down.   Plus, the more tired I got the more I would feed him while he would be lying flat on the bed.  I didn't worry bc it was constipation after all right?  Well...If it truly is reflux then I should have ensured that he was fed while sitting up as straight as can be and then kept him inclined for a while.  Needless to say he will be doing those two things from now on! 
In other news, the Brookster weighed in at a whopping 17 pounds even!  Surprisingly though that still is around the 35 percentile.  He just looks so chunky in this picture!  Chunky and Cute that's for sure!
He was such a good little babe the office!  He thoroughly enjoyed the paper on the exam table!  It must be the noise it made as he crinkled it to pieces.
With Parker at school, Easton and I got to enjoy some cuddle time.  He also was such a good little guy at the doctor's!  He sat in my lap and snuggled the entire time until Brooks was examined! 
Just a little update...I wrote the above post on Monday.  It is now Wednesday and for the past 2 nights...drum roll please...Brooks has slept so good!  Like AMAZINGLY GOOD!  He only woke up at 3am to eat and then fell back to sleep easily!  Please pray that this little guy has found his cure!  I hate that he has suffered so for the past few months (if this really is the answer) when there has been an easy solution all along.  `

Friday, March 1, 2013

A lot to say!

 Don't ask me why, but the other night I woke up around 3 am thinking about these pictures!  I had totally planned on sending out Christmas cards this year as usual, and wanted to keep these pictures for that purpose.  So...I never posted them to facebook or the blog.  The thing is though, I decided that doing the cards this year was kind-of a waste of $200.00 seeing as how I had just sent out Brooks' birth announcements with updated pictures of all the kiddos.  So...what better time than now to post our "Christmas and Brooks' 3 month" photo shoot pictures!  Isn't he just precious!!!
It is hard to believe that we have our 6 month pictures in the works already!  He is growing so fast and doing so many new things every day!  I can't believe this was 3 months ago.  Seems like only yesterday!
Aren't they sweet!  I love their little toes!

 I don't know about you, but I just think this little guy is the sweetest 2 yr old ever!  He is such a pretty little thing if I do say so myself!
Parker is getting so big!  Sometimes I look at pictures like this and realize just how big he is.  He has started a Mother's Day Out program and is really enjoying it.  Some of the homework he brings home amazes me.  The other day he had to graph the correct number of animals.  For some reason, to me that seemed like something they would do in 1st grade.  It may sound simple, but the paper was actually pretty complicated.  He really is learning a lot there which makes me glad that I signed him up.  He seems to really enjoy it, too!
I feel so fat in these pictures!  I still have so much baby weight to lose.  I wonder if I will ever lose it or if it will forever be a part of my new mom identity!  The problem is, I am fine with my mom identity, (especially when I am faced with good food!)  until that identity has to get into a bathing suit!

Isn't this a real glimpse of life with three boys!  Hectic...Crazy...

And only silent in brief moments!  But those moments are fast.  Like click of a camera flash fast! 
Parker has been such a great little helper!  He has countlessly given Brooks his paci, played peek-a-boo, and has even given him a bottle a time or two.  Today, he even pushed Brooks around walmart in his umbrella stroller while I pushed the cart filled to the brim with groceries and Easton in the front seat.   We had met Sonia there to pay her for the week.  She must have felt sorry for me, because she walked around the entire store with us to make things easier!  Gotta love Mrs. Sonia!
 Brooks at 6 months!
One of my favs of Easton
Easton at 7 months!

Don't they all look so much alike?  It amazes me sometimes how similar they really are!
Just another sweet pic!
A random pic for sure, but I had to share just how much cheese I bought last week.  Just craziness!
Easton can be such a grump.  I mean it's like hot or cold with him.  Sweet and angelic or angry and demanding.  I swear sometimes his favorite word is NEBER! (aka never)  And sometimes it doesn't even make sense.  I might ask, "Easton, would you like corn or green beans?" and he just says NEBER.  So...I just pick one.
 Brooks is already trying to crawl.  Where does the time go?
He has also learned to stick out his tongue.  Something every child must master!
How many kids can fit on my lap?  How many people can fit in one recliner?

And on days when it all gets a little too hectic, I turned to these!  Coffee and fast food!  No wonder I still have some baby weight to lose, huh?

Pictures from the movie theater the other day.  I thought Brooks would nap through it, but he seemed to enjoy it as much as the older two!  We saw Escape from Planet Earth.  It was pretty cute too!

And one of my new favorite things!  Steven and Adam put up a fence.  I know this will be a great thing for us!
And last but not least, a picture of Parker's eye!  I just can't get over how we as of right now, have 3 boys with 3 different eye colors.  Parker's are green.  Easton's are dark brown.  Brooks' are blue.  Wouldn't it be neat if it stayed that way?  I am sure though that Brooks' will change soon.  Fingers crossed though!  But isn't this green eye so very pretty!
So...Was that a long enough post for ya?  Thought I needed to fill you in on some things!  The thing is though, I have a million more things I could say!  Like we are going to Disney in May; I miss Christmas, but am longing for summer; we eat too much La Lomas; my kids destroy everything; and Brooks is the worst sleeper ever!  I'll explain more next time! TTFN! Ta ta for now!