Saturday, March 9, 2013

 Let me start by saying that I have taken Steven's NEW computer hostage and blogging has now become so simple!  Who knew that my 2 yr old desktop would already be outdated and the cause of my difficulty with loading my pics.'s supposed to be for his Lawn business, but a little home use won't hurt anything! 
Onto another note.  I think that Easton is going to be my music lover.  He loves playing his guitar (including his air guitar), and dances like crazy when the radio turns on.  His favorite song is Jingle Bells.  Anytime I start to sing a song, he says, "No! No! Sing Jingle Bells".  So, Jingle Bells it is!  The other day the above happened as we were taking Parker to Mother's Day Out. As I sang Jingle Bells for the millionth time, I found myself missing Christmas.  It was odd because only seconds prior I was thinking about how excited I was for Spring to finally come.  There is just something so sweet about the excitement of a child at Christmas time!   The coziness of snuggling up together as Christmas songs play and discussing what Santa is going to bring the little ones is worth missing.  That being said, I still long for Spring.  I guess that's the great thing about living in TN.  You get to experience all 4 seasons, and by the time you get sick of one it is just about over.  Even though it was snowing on Monday, it is 60 degrees today! 
It was 45 and sunny yesterday so we made it to our first park trip in the longest time.  We bundled up and hit the swings and slides.  Parker is such a great big brother!  He may give me trouble at times in other ways, but he is head over heals in love with little Brooks!  Isn't this a sweet sight to see!  Melts my heart! 
Brooks got to enjoy some swing time, too!  But he does still see most of the world from his lovely little car seat and stroller!  It won't be long though when he will be venturing out in the world walking around the park himself.  Sad face!
 Easton is attached to me.  He has been since he was born.  Very sweet kiddo, but goodness!  I can't get him to ever sit in a chair that I am not in, pee by myself, or hardly eat dinner without our chairs touching.   Lucky for me, he does sleep in his own bed at night!
And to make things even more interesting, he has started to put his hand down my shirt!  He loves, and I mean LOVES skin!  And my hair!  I think we are going to be in trouble when it comes to the ladies in about 10 yrs.  So lock up your 2 yr olds with long hair and soft skin because this boy will be crazy for them soon!
Well...that's about all for today!  We have Parker's first soccer game today!  Wish us luck!  I will let you know how it goes!

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