Saturday, May 25, 2013

I kinda like this place!

I do!  I kinda like this place!  It is crazy how time can make you appreciate things more and more.  It's crazy how seeing things through the eyes of your kids makes you really understand just how blessed you are!  And it's odd how one simple "place" can hold over a million "places" is in your heart and mind.  This little place we call home has so many amazing memories, and holds the key to a million more! 
I am not quite sure if Steven and I have a more favorite past time that would exceed our love for house hunting.  We love, love, love, it!  In fact, for my last birthday, we spent the entire day going from model home to model home.  That was my one wish!  One of our favorite shows to watch together is House Hunters.  Well, that or House Hunters International.  I know we are not in this alone.  In fact, I think that this love may have even been inherited (cough, cough, Randy).  Anyways...after years of feeling like our house isn't good enough, I think we just might have decided to stay for a little while longer.  This really was decided a few months ago, but now that it is Spring, it really seems to feel like this could be our "forever home". 
What is it about life that makes us always strive for more?  Why can't we just be content?  What makes us want to keep up with the Jones'?  I know that God has blessed us beyond belief, but yet I struggle, almost daily, with a need to improve.  I am so far from perfect (although it is pretty obvious, just look at my trash and food ridden car if you need proof), but for some reason hate when I realize just how far away from perfect I really am.  I could really get on a tangent with this and talk about how I struggle with wanting to improve my looks, my weight, my parenting skills, my organization skills, my horrible nature at forgetting birthday cards, my tendency to yell at my kids, and my incredible ability to make things messy in an instant, but I am going to stay focused on how much I have struggled with wanting to improve my house status.  I have wanted to move out of our "starter" home, and move onto the next big thing filled with granite and more square feet.  Yet, I do think God is helping me to realize that I am truly blessed right where I am. 
A few weeks ago, during our Disney vacation, both of our talking kids referred to home as "our big house".  In their minds, our house IS big.  Really, our house is perfect to them.  And that right there folks, reaffirmed to me, that I kinda like this place!  It isn't a mansion, or filled with everything, but it is a place filled with people I love and memories!  Plus...time can bring improvements.  Within reason, we will continue to make improvements to our "big" house to put our little stamp on it and to make it more enjoyable along the way. 
So...that was a long way to introduce the fact that I wanted to show you some improvements we have made to our place.  I also wanted to show you some things that make me very proud of my hubby!  He has worked so hard over the last 8 yrs to make our yard beautiful and so much fun.  We planted some flowers today. honor of Memorial Day, we put up an American Flag!

 This is our screened-in-porch.  We have rearranged the furniture outside to make it of better use with a baby.  I plan on spending so much time outside with the kiddos this summer, but know how blistering hot it can get.  Being able to sit in the shade is going to be a life saver for little Brooks and me!
The true life saver is going to be this Industrial garage fan that we bought.  It would have been close to $250 for a regular ceiling fan.  Steven and I both thought that this fan would be a better option and only sold for $100.  It feels amazing!
 We filled up the sandbox again.  The boys love playing in it, but it was getting a little dirty.  Looks good now though!
 And to keep us from having to leave for the park, we have a little slide.  Not much, but the boys have the imagination to make it fun.  They climb the walls like they are being hunted by monsters, or hide behind them in effort to fight off the invading army.  It works for em. 
 This was my Christmas present from Steven.  It stunk having to wait through winter to put it to use, but I think it will be worth the wait!  It is sooo comfy, and under the perfect shade tree!  A great place for viewing the kids when I am not in the screened-in-porch!
And for my newest love!  We put this pool up for the boys.  When you have 3 kids under 5, loading up the kids to go places like the pool feels way to complicated for some days.  Steven and I thought that this would allow for us to really enjoy the summer and ease the craziness of, well, LIFE!  And...for your worriers out there, it is only 2 1/2 feet deep.  So with observation of course, should be a fun safe place for us all to enjoy.  Oh...and I bought Brooks a little splash pool, but haven't blown it up just yet.  I know he will love it though!
So...there you have it! Our not too big, but our fun and memory filled back yard.  I will continue to pray that our house and the yard is good enough because at the core of it all, it REALLY is just that.  Even when I drive past a house with a giant pool, or a huge play-set and begin to daydream.  Our yard is perfect for us! 
And because I want to also share some of our outings this week, I have posted a few random pictures below.
At the zoo.  We made it for about 1 hr before we got rained out.
 We ate at our FAVORITE restaurant, La Lomas.
 We all had our bath time fun!  Too cute for my heart to bear!

We followed bath time with fun brotherly play time.

We went to Sky Jump, and the Park to celebrate cousin Jacob's last day of school!  Such a fun place to go!
And we celebrated our lovely Mrs. Sonia's Birthday!  She really is an amazing woman that we all love dearly!  I truly cannot imagine life without her!  She makes our days better and easier for sure!  We love you Mrs. Sonia!

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