Friday, May 31, 2013

Nature Hunt!

Today was a beautiful windy kinda day that just called for spending time outside.  We decided to go on a nature scavenger hunt at Moss Wright Park.  We got a little list of things to find off of the good ole Internet and started on our way of exploring.
Well, it wasn't but about 50 feet into our hunt that little clutso fell over his own feet somehow and got yet another injury!  I honestly cannot recall if I have ever mentioned his clumsiness before or not, but this boy can fall doing anything!  During our Disney trip he somehow fell and did a forward flip on the concrete path.  Today, he fell sideways and did a few hot dog rolls down the paved downhill path and then landed in the grass.   Insane! I took this picture soon after he fell.  Needless to say, it looks way worse now!  Between the bug bites and his injury, he looks like he has been in a bad fight.  
 Brooks of course enjoyed his view of the park from his usual ride on wheels.   He looks so big in this picture.  I can't believe I am beginning to plan his 1st Birthday party.  It is going to be here before you know it.
We found some berries...some bark...some grass...something round, something brown...something soft, a clover, etc.
 But the best find of all was the Honeysuckle!  DELICIOUS!  I remember loving Honeysuckle as a kid.  The boys refused to try it last year because they thought it would be gross.  Easton was still hesitant, but quickly decided to give it a try this time when he realized how much Parker liked it.  I helped Mr. Brooks taste test several samples as well!  And as for me, I still do love the smell of it.  Especially on a nice windy day when the smell was carried throughout the park.  Yummy!
Random picture of the wildflowers we found. 
We finished off the park with time at the playground.  Brooks enjoyed crawling around in the grass.  Boy am I glad that he does not seem to be allergic to the grass, because he likes to be in it!  He tasted a few pieces of dirt, but "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt", right?  Anyways...I can't believe how much the boys have grown.  Last year, this park still made me nervous.  It has 3 areas with several places that were nerve racking for Easton.  You know, the tall ladder things that require a giant step to make it from the ladder to the landing and such.  Those type of areas were easily mastered by Easton today.  And Parker, he can do the monkey bars 100x's without getting tired.  It won't be long when Brooks has mastered them all, too!  Time goes too quickly!

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