Monday, July 29, 2013

Ellis Reunion

    This year, the Ellis Family Reunion was at Montgomery Bell State Park.  We were excited to enjoy some fun and food with family we don't get to see but a few times each year.  We grilled hotdogs and hamburgers and did all of the normal cookout things.  It was pouring down rain at first, but luckily it stopped quickly.  And luckily as well, I brought several changes of clothes.  The boys were a MESS!

The kids happily enjoyed time at/in the creek.  The all sat around in a deeper area and chatted for the longest time.  It reminded me of sitting in a hot tub.

We had taken Parker's bike. Unfortunately, he had a big accident and fell over his handle bars.  We didn't realize until then that his helmet did not fit properly.  He was wearing one, but it kept falling to the back of his head.  He now has a brand new, properly fitting, helmet.  His boo boo was bad, but luckily healed very fast!
The next weekend, the boys all decided to go to the races.  They had a blast.  I think they all enjoyed being able to yell and scream as loud as they wanted without getting in trouble.  
Plus...who doesn't love a night of screaming, a night with their cousins, and a night with nachos, and snow cones??? 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Jacob spends the night!

Jacob is our nephew, and one of the kids' best friends.  We have all been looking forward to having him to our house for a sleep over and day at the park!
Moss Wright Park has special events for the kiddos every Thursday and Friday.  The "Fireman's Foam" is one of the top events of the summer, and I have been counting down the days till I could take all the kiddos.  Here is a picture of us before we started.  We did not worry about doing our hair.  You will see why in a minute. 
Parker insists on taking silly faced pictures!
Here they all are waiting for the fun to begin!

I have never seen so many bubbles in my life!



Even the Brookster got to enjoy some bubble fun!

I am sad though to report that I think I had more fun than the boys did!  The boys seemed more excited with the idea of going to the YMCA.  So...we did just that!  We spent the rest of the morning swimming at the Y. 


So that was our day today!  Fun with bubbles, water, and friends!  What could be better? 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Slip and slide

   The boys and I set up the slip and slide for the first time this summer!  I had kind of forgotten about it for some reason!  The boys aren't going to let me forget about it now though!  They had too much fun!  Fyi...The baby was taking his nap so no cute Brookster pics in this post. :)

Oh...and here is what happened when I took Easton inside to use the bathroom!  We had been putting a dot of soap on the boys' bellies to keep the slide extra slippery!  Parker thought it would be a good idea to use the entire bottle while we were inside!

Here are some soap suds after his crazy decision to empty the whole bottle!  This happens all the time!  Does anyone else have issues with their kids wasting bottles of shampoo or bubbles when you aren't looking?  Crazy kids!

Anyways...We also spent the day swimming and running through the sprinkler!  I'm so glad we decided to put the pool up!  The boys barely go a day without getting in it!

I made the mistake of letting the boys have a water balloon fight!  Now I am spending so much time filling them up and getting myself wet in the process as well!  They have fun though so I guess it's ok!

Here are some remnants of the balloons!

 Nothing like finishing the day off with a cotton candy flavored push up!

Monday, July 15, 2013

New hobbies!

Parker has been begging us to take him to the skate park by our house.  I have said no for the longest time out of fear for his bones.  And his pretty little face.  Turns out though, he is an excellent little skate boarder!  I am biased of course, but regardless, I'm impressed by his balance!  Especially since I don't have any! I tried for a split second and was way too scared to make one little push or gliding movement.  Anyways...I have a feeling that daily trips to the park are going to be necessary!  At least Parker is going to insist so!  

Easton has really enjoyed the skate park too!  He has mostly been riding his new bike around the huge parking lot!  He has  caught onto the peddling much faster than I thought he would.  He has always had trouble riding the other bikes we have.  That's probably bc they are to long for his little bitty legs! 

 Today, The boys had talked steven into taking them to the skate park again after dinner, and I was able to meet up with them once I finished with work.  The boys were soaked with sweat!  Parker's face was red as a beet!  A true sign of enjoyment for boys is sweat and dirt and they each were covered in both.  And I don't even get the dirt part bc the park is made of concrete.  

Brooks enjoyed doing some exploring!  He found several interesting rocks and enjoyed following the older boys around! I can tell that he just can't wait to be a big boy!  I though, wish he could stay little forever!

Look at that cutie !!!

And to finish the ice cold slushy!  A fun treat for two hot boys!  Brooks had a few sips too!