Monday, July 15, 2013

New hobbies!

Parker has been begging us to take him to the skate park by our house.  I have said no for the longest time out of fear for his bones.  And his pretty little face.  Turns out though, he is an excellent little skate boarder!  I am biased of course, but regardless, I'm impressed by his balance!  Especially since I don't have any! I tried for a split second and was way too scared to make one little push or gliding movement.  Anyways...I have a feeling that daily trips to the park are going to be necessary!  At least Parker is going to insist so!  

Easton has really enjoyed the skate park too!  He has mostly been riding his new bike around the huge parking lot!  He has  caught onto the peddling much faster than I thought he would.  He has always had trouble riding the other bikes we have.  That's probably bc they are to long for his little bitty legs! 

 Today, The boys had talked steven into taking them to the skate park again after dinner, and I was able to meet up with them once I finished with work.  The boys were soaked with sweat!  Parker's face was red as a beet!  A true sign of enjoyment for boys is sweat and dirt and they each were covered in both.  And I don't even get the dirt part bc the park is made of concrete.  

Brooks enjoyed doing some exploring!  He found several interesting rocks and enjoyed following the older boys around! I can tell that he just can't wait to be a big boy!  I though, wish he could stay little forever!

Look at that cutie !!!

And to finish the ice cold slushy!  A fun treat for two hot boys!  Brooks had a few sips too! 

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