Monday, July 29, 2013

Ellis Reunion

    This year, the Ellis Family Reunion was at Montgomery Bell State Park.  We were excited to enjoy some fun and food with family we don't get to see but a few times each year.  We grilled hotdogs and hamburgers and did all of the normal cookout things.  It was pouring down rain at first, but luckily it stopped quickly.  And luckily as well, I brought several changes of clothes.  The boys were a MESS!

The kids happily enjoyed time at/in the creek.  The all sat around in a deeper area and chatted for the longest time.  It reminded me of sitting in a hot tub.

We had taken Parker's bike. Unfortunately, he had a big accident and fell over his handle bars.  We didn't realize until then that his helmet did not fit properly.  He was wearing one, but it kept falling to the back of his head.  He now has a brand new, properly fitting, helmet.  His boo boo was bad, but luckily healed very fast!
The next weekend, the boys all decided to go to the races.  They had a blast.  I think they all enjoyed being able to yell and scream as loud as they wanted without getting in trouble.  
Plus...who doesn't love a night of screaming, a night with their cousins, and a night with nachos, and snow cones??? 

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