Friday, July 12, 2013

What a big month!

So first of all I want to say how excited I am to have found that Blogger has an app that is allowing me to blog from my mobile phone!  Yay!  I was just saying how I think I could blog more if I could do it from my phone! many things have happened this past month and I know the next four weeks are going to be just as exciting! 
First things first!  Parker has grown so much this summer! Mentally and physically!  He has jumped up several inches and is in the 79th percentile for height now!  He has also amazed me with his ability to learn things so quickly.  He has recently learned how to tie his shoes and ride his bike without training wheels!  The crazy thing is though, that it only took him about 15 minutes to learn each!  Now it only took him about 5 minutes to get frustrated that he hadn't gotten it yet!  I had to remind him that both of those tasks take weeks to learn sometimes and that he'd just have to keep trying!  I was happy that he learned fast bc I don't like it when he gets so frustrated!  He needless to say, is so very proud!  He tells everyone about his summer accomplishments!  Even strangers we meet at the YMCA, or the grocery store!  He's a talker like me I guess!
Anyways...little Easton...I am so proud to say...has POOPED in the potty for the first time ever as of yesterday!  We have been working and working on this with him!  He has after all, been able to pee pee in the potty for at least a yr now.  I kept trying to convince him not to be afraid.  He was so so proud of himself last night when he actually went.  He looked at steven and me and in the SWEETEST, SOFTEST voice EVER said, "I did it"!  Like he was so proud and amazed that it really was easy and nothing to be scared of!  So we are off to buy him a big boy bike now that his goal has been accomplished!  Yay Easton!
Now to the youngest little clan member!  Brooks has started to take a few steps on his own!  I cannot believe how fast time has gone by!  I keep reminding myself that this time last yr, we still had not met our little guy!  We didn't know his personality!  We didn't know how sweet his smile would be!  He has been such a precious addition to our family!  To think that he me is almost walking is almost too weird!  I'm so proud, but find myself wishing he was still a little baby baby and not my almost 1 yr old toddler!  

Yes!  My little ones have made great strides in just one measly month!  This next one has many big things to come too!  Parker starts kindergarten!  Easton will begin Mother's Day out!  And little Brooks turns 1 on August 10th!  What is this craziness?  I cannot believe it!  Let me just say, I LOVE these little ones of mine and I'm so glad I get to watch them grow!  

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