Monday, August 19, 2013

Before the schedule...

Before the school and schedules began, the boys and I tried to wrap up the "summer" with some outdoor water fun!  We played at the fountains for the first time all summer.  I don't know why we didn't do this more this year because it was fun for all three!  Even the Brookster got to join in on the fun here.

We also spent the weekend at my mom's trying to soak up the sun.  It was nice that it wasn't a sauna out, but it was a little on the chilly side.  What happened between last year and this summer?  Last year it was sweltering hot!  Like 105 degree weather hot!  But the summer that I am not pregnant is so mild!  I mean when have we ever had 78 degree weather in August?  Anyways...we still enjoyed our swim time!  It will be gone all too soon!

Nothing like warming up on the concrete and eating Doritos!!!

I am hoping to squeeze in one more swim date before Labor Day hits and the pools close down!  We may even attempt to hit up Beech Bend Park again this weekend!  Who knows!

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