Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brooks' big ONE!

My recent saying to Brooks has been, "A year ago we didn't even know you yet!"  My pregnancy with him in so many ways feels like it was years ago.  To think that last summer I was big bellied and waiting with anticipation to meet this grand little guy is almost crazy to me. know that he is no longer considered a baby seems impossible, too!  He was just born yesterday, right?  Isn't it crazy how time can seem slow and fast in regards to the same topic?  I guess what it boils down to is pregnancy feels like forever ago, but his actual birth day feels like only moments ago!  
Anyways...That saying I have said 100 times, is no longer true!  This time last year, I did know you Brooks!  I knew just how sweet your button nose was.  I knew just how sweet your little lips were to kiss.  I knew just how blessed we were to have you by our side!  God has truly blessed us with you!  It is honestly hard to imagine the days before you!  You are such a perfect addition to our family and fit in just wonderfully.  Almost to the point where it feels like I've always know you!  
This time last year we were all recuperating from a hard (and painful) day.  But...let me tell you were well worth every painful moment!  I cannot express to you just how much joy you have brought into all of our lives!  You may have left your mark on my body, but have left your mark on my heart also!  I love you more than words can say!  Happy birthday big boy! 

Today...we celebrated you and your very first birthday at the Black Eyed Pea restaurant with family!  You had a fun time eating as usual and loved being the center of attention!  We decided to go with a teddy bear theme.  Here are some cute pics of the day so far.

Since we had mostly adults, I gave these magnets out as party favors.

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