Thursday, August 15, 2013

Easton bug!

My sweet little Easton!  You aren't so little anymore are you? It seems like you are growing so fast and making me face the reality of time.  Why just this morning you learned how to buckle yourself in your new big boy booster seat as we were heading off to your first day of Mother's Day out!  That's two big boy steps before we even pulled out of the drive way! And Oh how proud you were!  I looked at you through the rear view mirror and thought about how cute you were this morning.
As soon as the sun was visible, you were up ready to go. seemed that way to me because I was tired, but it was 6:30 in all actuality. were wearing your Buzz Lightyear pj pants, no shirt (of course) and your backpack when you ever so disappointedly whined that #1-it wasn't time for school yet, and #2-that you couldn't go dressed as you (barely) were.  You sure do love to be (in your words) a "naked butt".  It was like that all morning.  Every few minutes you'd grab your stuff and head for the door.  We eventually dropped off Parker at his new school and headed a few blocks away to yours.  

Your teacher is so very sweet and you were very excited to finally be there.  This was YOUR school.  I don't think you even gave me a hug.  You were too ready!  Ready to play!  Ready to make new friends!  Ready to see what Parker was doing all that time he was "in school".   But...I am not ready in so many ways!  While I will enjoy a few moments of ease having only one child to run errands with instead of three, I will also mourn the fact that you are not quite so little anymore. aren't quite so little anymore!  
Regardless of your size or age, just know, you will always be my precious babe that spills the same drink 3 xs in a row; that sucks his thumb; that steals a sip of my coffee every morning;  gives the sweetest hugs followed by a bashful smile; my sweet kiddo that twirls my hair to fall asleep or for comfort!  These are the things that make you, YOU!  The things that make you so special!  And Easton, these are the things I will always remember no matter how big you are!  

Love you lots and lots!  Hope you had a wonderful first day! 

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