Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mixed Emotions...

Sometimes the days really drag on and on and on!  Especially when I'm at work or when the kids are acting like hooligans!  But today...I sit here and think, please lord, drag out these next few days!  Let this next week go by so slowly! Let me relish in these last few moments of having my babies be babies! Let every second feel like forever!  All too soon my babies will be grown!

I obviously know and understand that my kids are going to grow up one day!  What I don't know, is how I feel about it.  I also don't know how it seems to happen without you even realizing it.  It's like you blink and they are going off to college.  Or my case...kindergarten!!!  

Yes sir!  Parker is going to kindergarten this year!  I have, on one hand been so excited for my little "Park Park" to begin to really experience the world.  To learn.  To make friends that he could have for the next 18 yrs or more. To let him make his mark on this town the way that he has already left his mark on my heart!  On the other hand though, I want him to never have to experience the life and restriction of a schedule.  I want him to forever be the sweet and innocent child of mine who is only exposed to the things that I say are okay.  And most of all, selfishly, I want him to always be my baby who tells me 100 times a day (literally) that he loves his Dad and me!  

I have so far been okay with the idea of starting school, but now as it approaches I find my heart getting a little heavy.  I so pray that he is blessed with a teacher that loves him almost as much as I do. I pray he meets a little buddy that makes him look forward to going to school. And I pray that he just enjoys this new adventure to the best degree that any kid can. sweet Parker, go and show the world the little guy I know.   This is the beginning of the next chapter in your book.  Make your story you own, with God at your side.  Let his light shine in all you do, and don't forget just how much we all love and wish the best for you!   Good luck babe!

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