Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Boys Have A New Room!

I promised a light hearted post and you guys are gonna get one!  Having three boys under 5 means a few things!  #1- walls get beat up almost as much as the kiddos too!  No...I don't beat them, they beat each other!  If they aren't taking a play sword to one of their brothers then they are taking it to the walls.   #2-things get messy and unorganized...super quickly, too!  Having 3 boys under 5 means several other things too, but none else that I can think of at the moment pertain to this redecorating post!  Anyways...after 4 yrs with the same theme and paint scheme, we decided to redo their room.  Boy what a fresh coat of paint can do!  I feel like it looks so much better, cleaner, and organized.  First of all, we took out all of their toys and put them in the bonus room.  I figured that there is no reason to have toys drug out in every room.  Keep them in one place and the mess stays in one place!  Brooks nursery has a beachy theme and I kinda wanted to continue that throughout the upstairs.  Beachy feels so calming!  So we tried to do a cool kid summer theme while being cheap! are some pictures of the finished project.

The boys have loved having a desk!  It gives them a place to color and play Legos away from the baby, but still be close to us adults.  They get scared to be downstairs alone for too long.

Steven and I made these headboards from pallets.  He made them and I painted them.  Turned out pretty cool for free, huh?

We added the letters today.  I think it finishes them off nicely!

Sunglasses fit the beach theme, right?  I figured they at least are summery feeling and you go to the beach in the summer so they must work.  Plus...the comforters were only 20 bucks!  Score!  I'll take two!

Steven and I have has so much trouble with shelving not staying completely flush with the wall.  So we decided that he would make our new school boys a shelf with hooks for their backpacks!  He again did the making and I did the painting.  An just to add a little Parker flair, we put the skateboard on top of the shelf.  

So...there it is!  Our oldest boy's summer/beachy/cool skater kid room!

Hope you like it!  We do!

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