Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easton has been asking for a donut for the last two days.  I promised him a trip to the donut shop first wkday off in a while.  We dropped of Parker and headed to Shipley's.  I think I am going to make this a once a week ritual because It was so good! AND... They had the BEST coconut donut I have ever had in MY LIFE!!!  Oh crap...I realize that I am making this post right after my "healthy new me post". (Well, I guess you know how that's going). Anyways...back to the unhealthy donut story...I felt very blessed as I sat there in that shop.  I looked around and saw an old man sitting at one of the tables.  He was drinking there coffee and honestly, admiring my kiddos.  I wondered what exactly he was thinking.  I felt like he was telling me to slow down and do fun things like this more often.  Do the simple things like take my kids out for donuts on an early morning.  Love on them as much as I can bc it will be gone all too soon!  I (sadly) thought about why he was alone.  Did his wife already pass?  His kids were obviously grown.  Did he look at us in sorrow that the stage of parenting his young ones is over for him, or in just remembrance of his fond parenting moments.  I mostly think oldies just think kiddos are funny and sweet.   Regardless of why he was going solo for breakfast, and even if he was sad or happy about it, I in that moment was reminded how blessed I really am.  I have three innocent little boys who love me with all of their hearts and enjoy eating donuts with their momma!  I pray that I raise them right...the way God has entrusted me to do and wants me to!  I hope to raise them with character and a Christian heart that will make God proud.  And hopefully one day, the little old man  I saw today will think I did a good job too!
Look at this crazy kid!  He looks so goofy with his hair unbrushed hair and goofy grin!  This boy loves him some food!  


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