Friday, September 27, 2013

So I was going to blog about our recent trip to Florida, but I ran into a technical difficulty.  So, I guess I will blog about a few random things.  I think it was last week when I had lunch with Parker at school.  It was so neat seeing him in school action mode.  He didn't see me at first and I was able to spy on his behavior.  He walked through the hall just as he was told, with one hand over his lips, and one hand on his hip.  The teacher calls it "hips and lips".  It looks very silly, but it keeps the kids in line I guess.  Anyways...Parker was doing it well, and I was proud.  He was also so polite to the cafeteria worker, and proudly said "Steven Parker Ellis" as he checked out his food.  He proudly announced that he would be buying his momma's lunch today.  So we grabbed our trays filled with spaghetti, mac and cheese, green beans, and orange wedges, and headed to our designated spot.  The baby was with us, too, but he was asleep for most of the time.  We had such a great time.  Doesn't he look so happy here! 
I was able to meet all of the other kids in his class.  Parker was sad though that his best friend "Ellie" was out sick that day with strep throat. 
 When the time came for me to leave, Parker sweetly said, " I miss you already!".  It was a fun lunch!  Easton would have loved it!  He was at MDO that day.
 Parker has been doing really well with the behavior chart at school.  They call it clipping up.  He came home on the top color clip last Friday.  A friend had asked if we could join her and her daughter at the skating rink.  I thought that would be a great way to show Parker just how proud we are of him for doing so well.  He has been on pink five times so far!  That makes me very proud because I was so worried last year that he would be the crazy kid that wouldn't listen. 
  Brooks stayed home with Steven.  I had told the boys that I had to take them with me to help me pick out a pretty dress for myself.  They were surprisingly willing to go dress shopping, but were thrilled when they found out the truth.  We skated for a good while and then finished the night up with Sonic.
 It was so nice spending time with Amy.  I feel like we haven't gotten to spend nearly enough time together lately, and it was so nice to catch up. 
 The kiddos enjoyed seeing Rylee, too.  They all did really good skating, too!  We even took the boys again the next night so that Steven could have a chance to see how well they did.  Plus admission was only $1 that night for repeat customers.  Parker even conned his Uncle Jon and Aunt Julie into joining us with Jacob and Nathan.  Parker decided to roller blade this time.  He was a million times better on the roller blades, which I totally get.  I tried to regular skate and could barely stand.  I for whatever reason feel so much more balanced on roller blades.  Although, I honestly am good at neither!  It was fun none the less though!

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