Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today, I win!

Today is the day that I have won the ongoing battle I have had with my car!  If you know me, you know that keeping a clean car does not come easy to me!  But it especially does not come easy for my kids!  I think kids secretly carry dirt magnets in their pockets and purposely try to destroy anything nice.  Especially when it comes to carpet. 
Anyways... My car and house were both in need of a major carpet cleaning.  Luckily we have good carpet that camouflages all the mess.  Anyways...I had several black spots all over my car...even on the ceiling!  But today I paid an extra $35 and had my carpet guy clean out the carpets and the ceiling in my van, along with the routine cleaning for the carpets in the house.  I had know idea just how messy kids could be till I had my own.  I mean, Who actually has to hire someone to clean their car ceiling?  Me!!!  Someone who has 3 rowdy boys!  One of whom is currently trying to balance on my chair and bed, one leg on each, while trying to sneak a drink of my diet Pepsi!  No wonder he spills something 100 xs a day!  He is crazy, clumsy, and the goofiest kid I know!  I think I'm gonna make him a tool belt that is full of paper towels, a hand held vacuum, and a can of spot shot!  It would be easier that way!  Anyways...long story short, my car looks like new again!  And even though it will most likely only last a moment, today I am on the winning side of this war!  Until this guy attacks again!  Haha!

Gotta love him!!!

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