Thursday, October 3, 2013

Big boo boo

So...I'm at work on Sunday when I decide to check my phone for any emails or missed calls/texts.  When what to my wondering eyes do I see?  But a picture of Parker on a stretcher.   I always have my phone in my pocket, but I obviously have to keep it on silent when I'm working.  I missed Stevens 3 calls in a row while I was tending to a patient.  Needless to say, that picture made my heart skip a beat.  Not a fun sight to see! Especially knowing that I had to stay at work nursing other patients when the only one I really wanted to tend to was my sweet stitched up Park Park!  

So the story goes, Parker was running into the little metal green house at my parents house.  His front leg was already in, but as he was bringing in the back leg, he tripped and fell on a metal ledge.  

Steven said that Parker was crying, like a blood curdling scream.  He found him with this lovely gash.  

When Parker retold the story to me once I got home from work, his words were, "all I saw was meat and blood".  Then he asked, "why did God make us out of meat?".
Steven said that he was soooo brave at the hospital.  Didn't cry at all!  He even wanted to watch the Dr. Stitch him up!  Maybe he will be a nurse like his momma one day!

He was so happy that I let him skip school the next day.  I was worried that he would be to rough at recess and have a good chance of opening it back up again.  He was even happier though to retell the story to all of his teachers and friends at school today.  He barely made it out of the car when I hear him telling his librarian all about it.

He is now on the mend...getting sponge baths, and treats from both sets of grandparents...(Thanks again guys!). The stitches should be out in 7-10 days from Sunday.   Pray that the stitches don't adhere too much to the skin as it heals.  I will be the one to take them out when ready.  Luckily there are only four stitches.  The rest is dermabond and steri-strips!  I'll keep you posted! 

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