Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February Fun!

Valentine's Day was lots of fun for us!  We didn't do anything extremely extravagant, but it was still a Lovely day!  The boys each made a Valentine's Box for school and really had lots of fun doing them.  We actually spent most of the superbowl cutting on cardboard!  Parker wanted to do the monster truck, and we used tinker toys to even make it roll!  They both turned out pretty cute if I say so myself! 
This is the end of dinner that night.  I tried to make something for everyone.  Parker requested his favorite...Salisbury steak;  Easton wanted Spaghetti O's (nice and easy one there, huh?); and I made Steven a yummy yummy cake. 
Easton and I have been cooking together each night almost.  He loves to cook, and I love cooking with him!  He loves every part of playing kitchen...real or pretend.  He got tons of cooking toys for Christmas and makes us all pretend meals every day practically!

Easton helped bake the cake for Steven on Valentine's! 

Below is a picture of him at Mother's Day Out with his good friend Hannah!  He says that they are kitchen buddies!

And here is just a random cute picture of my littlest man of the house!  Isn't he sweet!


A few weeks ago, Steven and I gave the boys their early Birthday present.  They have enjoyed this so much, and I honestly have too!  It really is so fun to see them being good ole boys who love the outdoors!

Parker said "look at me...I am meditating!"   He then kept posing and saying "Omm".  They things they learn from friends!

Little Brooks has lots of fun just roaming around with his hands in his pockets, exploring the land!
Here we all are bundled up getting ready to go!
Here is Steven on the kids four wheeler.  He looks so big on it.  Of course, it was only about 3 weeks before Steven convinced me to let him by one of his one.  Steven and I both had a blast riding it last weekend.  Steven said that he didn't know I was such a speed demon.  I really wasn't doing anything too crazy, but I guess he was just surprised to see me having as much fun as the boys!  Parker and Steven went on an hour long trail ride and even saw an armadillo!  I know that we are going to make lots of memories with these two machines!  Makes us all want to move to the country!
Anyways...I am once again going to try to post a little more often. 
I am also trying to let go of some of the things that require so much of my time and focus again on just enjoying life.  Sometimes I get caught up in what everyone else thinks of me, that I forget to please myself and worry about pleasing others.  So...for a while, I am going to try to not worry about that.  So...please know that if you stop by for a surprise visit, my house may be a complete and total disaster area!  But hopefully we will all be having fun or maybe just relaxing instead of running in the hamster wheel of cleaning!  TTFN!

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