Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kidnapping Papa!

Well...We kidnapped Papa the other day so that I could go to the dentist without 2 kids running wild in the lobby!  When Parker found out that Papa was going to babysit the younger boys while he was away at school, he was devastated.  I didn't tell him, but my plan was to surprise Parker with a surprise visit for lunch after we were done.  Only problem was, my appointment was at 10 am, and Parker eats lunch at 10:40.  I wasn't sure we would make it, but we were there by 10:45.  Just in time!

Parker was happy to see me and the boys walk in to the lunch room.  Papa was kinda hidden by me and the big stroller.  You should have seen just how thrilled Parker was when he realized that Papa was there, too!  He jumped up and gave Papa the SWEETEST hug and said his name like he hadn't seen him in months!  He was so excited.  He raised his hand for the lunch lady, and asked, "would it be okay if I take my Papa through the lunch line?".  She said yes of course.   So we went through the line and soon had ourselves a delicious meal of pork chops and gravy, green beans, oranges, and sweet tea. 
Brooks and Easton chose pizza!

This little girl is Marissa.  She is one of Parker's best friends, and also lives 2 doors down.  It's funny though, bc we didn't even know she lived there until Parker saw her getting on the bus.  She is a sweet girl.

Easton had so much fun seeing his brother and eating in the cafeteria.  He kept saying to all of the kids, "Parker is my big brother."  They both gave each other a few hugs.  I can't wait till Easton and Parker both go to school together.  I know Parker will take great care of his little brother.

After lunch we all headed to the park.  This was the first day that was actually nice out.  It has been so cold here all winter, and let me just say, we all cannot wait until the warm weather is here to stay.  

This was the first year when I felt like my (Mr. Clumsy) Easton was 90% safe climbing on ALL of the equipment at this park.  I like this park, but they do have many tall and pretty sketchy things to play on for the younger kids. 

                   Sweet smile!

This was also the first year where Brooks could run around and play.  Last year this time he was only about 6 months old and spent his time in the stroller.  It was lots of fun seeing him run around.

I thought about taking Papa to Walmart and even to wash my car, but Brooks needed a nap after all of the fun.  And I knew...Papa would need a nap soon, too, so we headed on home.  It really was a fun fun day.  Thanks again Papa for watching the kiddos while I was at the dentist!

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