Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random To Dos

Parker had a bake sale at school last weekend.  I had to work the day that I had to make the items so I needed something easy and quick, but that would look appetizing as well.  So...I found these Trix Krispie Treats on Pinterest!  Good ole Pinterest!  Anyways....They were AMAZING!  I don't even normally love Trix cereal, but cover them with marshmallows and wow!  Steven and the boys ate a whole batch of them.  I had to ban them from eating the rest so I could obviously have some for the bake sale!

I took the boys to Hoppity Hop last week.  Brooks didn't really care for it at all.  I was completely shocked!  I think the loud air pumps got him a little freaked out, bc he literally would not leave my arms.  We did go down a few slides together which he loved! 
Crazy kids and messy room in the background!  And did you notice that Easton's clothes are on backwards again!  Not to mention that he is also wearing Brooks' sweat pants!

Here is a close up!  If I had to draw a cartoon character of Easton, it would be a little guy in a super hero cape, with his undies on backwards and hands on his hips.  He is one funny dude!

So above is yet another attempt at Easton dressing for the day.  I said, "Easton, you have on Brooks' pants, and they are on backwards.  Go get a pair of your pants silly!"  Well...He put on a pair of his grey jeans, but yet "Backward Boy" strikes again (insert above super hero cape description into mental picture now).  He makes me laugh!  Sometimes scream, but sweet boy makes me laugh 100 times a day, too!
Steven and I have been working so very hard at getting this house into shape.  We can't EVER decide if we are doing it to get ready to move, or to make us like the house more so we will stay.  Regardless, our room looks much more updated and matches our new style.  We still need a picture above the bed, but it looks better.  Work in progress I guess.

Easton started soccer this season.  He is so da gum (I really have no idea how to spell da gum) cute!  All of their practices have been cancelled because of such cold weather or rain, so needless to say, their first game was hilarious!  One kid cried the whole time.  One got his head stuck in the net 3 (yes I said 3) times!  One girl really did super good.  Easton was good, kinda confused, but overall did well!  And regardless, he was super cute!  I love my little Mexican soccer player.  (His team is Mexico)

I also painted the stair well by myself while Steven was at work.  Found this idea on Pinterest too!  Easton was so scared when I would walk out onto the "plank of death".  To be honest, so was I.  It was one of the scariest things I have ever done!  Easton told me that he was going to call 911 and say "this an a-mergency if I didn't get down.  I had to tell myself 100 times "don't look down" bc I could just see myself stumbling to my death and getting tangled into the ladder or something crazy. turned out well and I am still alive so that's good!

I also painted the railings!
We let the boys set up their tents on top of their beds.  I was surprised they actually stayed in them all night.  They looked sweet though!

Anyways...That is a lot of random updates on the to dos of the Ellis family!  Hope you enjoyed!

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