Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Big Birthday Boys!

My big boys both had Birthdays this past week.  I CANNOT believe how fast time has gone.  I look at these kiddos and feel like there is no way they can now be 6 and 4!  Is it just me or do both of those ages just seem incredibly older than 5 and 3?  Either way, they are getting older and discovering who they are.  Let me just say, that I am loving who God created them to be!  I am so thankful for the blessing of my boys!

This was from the weekend before their Birthday.  We let Merrick ride the bus home from school with Parker.  Parker loved that!  After a few minutes of playing, we headed to the movies to meet a few other friends.
The kids were sooooo good and sooooo sweet!  Let me just say that I think I will do this every year.  It was so easy, not too expensive, and lots of fun!  Plus the parents went on a little date night while we saw the Lego movie.  Fun for all!

The kids at one point all lined up holding hands.  So sweet.  Too bad I couldn't get a good picture.

Cousin Houston and Aunt Julie spent the night with us after the movies.   We had lots of fun!  The boys love any excuse to sleep in the pull-out bed.  We really enjoyed the company!

The next day we went to Cracker Barrel with Steven's parents, Uncle Bob and Aunt Leigh Ann, and Julie and Houston.  I wish I would have gotten some pictures, but I get distracted with good food!  After the boys' soccer games we headed to Nonna and Papa's.  Mom had gotten the boys a Despicable Me 2 cake.  The boys enjoyed time with family and being able to roam around their yard.  We spent the night and headed back home Sunday afternoon!

Easton's Birthday was Monday
 March 17th.  The day started out with a WONDERFUL birthday kiss!  Great start to any day! 

Parker had made Easton the sweetest little card all by himself!  He hid it from him until the morning of his Birthday and was thrilled to give it to him!

Easton loved the card and so did I.  A keeper for sure!

I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we sang the ole Happy Birthday song.  Easton has a way of being shy with most attention.  For the most part, he smiles bashfully.

I think somebody enjoyed the icing, don't you?

Too cute not to share this picture!

My favorite part of the day was our visit to the Chocolate Covered Strawberry!  They have got to have the best sandwiches and salads ever!!!!  I could eat there every day!  Easton got a special strawberry with another Birthday candle in it!  
Here the boys are opening up their gifts! 

We went to Casa on Easton's Birthday.  They of course got to wear the big hats and get ice cream on their noses.  Brooks enjoyed it too!

Parker looks grumpy here, but he wasn't at all.  Uncle Bob had the boys laughing and having a good ole time!

Here is Easton loving on Aunt Leigh Ann and her pretty hair!

                     The next day was little Park Park's Birthday.

I had to work on Parker's Birthday, but I was lucky to be able to meet Steven at the school to enjoy an early lunch with the Birthday boy!  

This is Merrick!  Parker really enjoys Merrick, and so do I.  He is a calm kid with a sweet demeanor.
I think he calms Parker which makes me happy!

He was happy to have his Birthday Ribbon!

Seeing as how we had cake at Nonna's and Papa's a few days before, Parker opted for Rainbow Sherbet instead. 

It was another way to sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boys.  

We let both boys blow out candles on both days this year.  Because I had to work on Parker's Birthday, it put a little damper on being able to do a special dinner for Parker.  Just because I get home so late.

I love these pictures.  The flash made his eyes look a little funny, but there is nothing like sleeping babe!  So sweet and innocent.

Look at these big red lips!  Every year, on there Birthdays, I sing them to sleep with a soft version of Happy Birthday.  Usually I get a little sad singing this lullaby to them.  This year wasn't quite so sad for me.  I think because I am really enjoying who these little guys are becoming.  I miss the baby-ness of them YES, but I do love seeing them turn into the Bigger boys that God has created them to be.  It's kinda fun to watch them grow!

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