Sunday, August 10, 2014

Birthday fun!

Can you believe that our youngest just celebrated his 2nd Birthday?  We still call him the baby, but it is becoming more evident with every day that he really no longer is a "baby".  Funny thing is though, he calls himself the baby.  Constantly saying things like, "Let the baby do it", and "Baby wants it".  (I bet you are wondering how many times one person can say the word baby!) Anyways...we celebrated his big birthday at my mom and dad's house with a Pirate Pool Party!
  We had lots of friends from all walks of life come out to play.  Some we know from church.  Some from work.  Lots of family, too of course!  Ages ranged from 2-8. 

A girl from work made the cake.  Isn't it cute!  It was DELICIOUS, too!  Everyone really enjoyed it and kept complimenting how yummy it was.  I highly recommend Cynthia at the Bakery Box in White House.  Super good cake, baked by a super sweet gal!

We mostly just hung out by the pool and enjoyed the company of our lovely guests.  We had some good food and snacks, and even had a little treasure hunt.  The kids seemed to enjoy it all.  Here are several pictures of the day.

I love these two pictures.  Brooks really enjoyed blowing out the candles.  

Brooks LOVED fixing himself a drink at the koolaid station.  The jugs had those little spouts on them so you don't have to pour.  He fixed at least 20 cups of tea/koolaid.  It was sweet.

The weather was supposed to be iffy with chances of rain.  It looked cloudy at first and I got a little concerned.  The concern was for nothing because it was scorching hot!  I was so thankful that we were by a pool and not at the park or something!  

Steven and I got the birthday boy this cute little bike.  He can peddle it and everything, but definitely does not get the concept of steering just yet!  He loved it though! 

It's kinda crazy though...just how in one minute you can be mourning the life of one, and then in another you are celebrating the birth and life of another.  If there is one huge thing I have learned from the past week it is that life is short!  You never know what tomorrow may bring!  So let's celebrate those we love always!  Let's Make memories!  And let us thank God for every moment we do have together!  And right now...I am beyond thankful for Brooks...for my three beautiful boys!  I thought that I cherished you before, but now after losing a child, I really know just how lucky I have been to have given birth to all of you!  I will celebrate each of your birthdays with a new gratitude!  
Tonight...I sang the happy birthday song to brooks as I rocked him to sleep.  I always do that for the boys on their birthdays.  But tonight i sang it with such joy and happiness...with a new thankfulness! It really was a happy birthday!   We love you more than words can say!  Thanks for being you and for bringing us such joy!

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